Booking of tickets and camping

Registration was published on the 16th of May - also for people, who are not members of an ESRA-organisation yet. Registration is done via

Ticket prices January  1st- 15th May  2022  (requires membership of an ESRA organization):
Adults:                             €60,-
Children 12-18 years old:   €30,-
Children 0-12 years old:     €0,-

Ticket prices 15th May - July 1st, 2022:
Adults:                             €80,-
Children 12-18 years old:   €40,-
Children 0-12 years old:     €0,-

Ticket prices at the gates from 14th - 17th July  2022
Adults:                             €100,-
Children 12-18 years old:   €50,-
Children 0-12 years old:     €0,-

Camping: €30,- per unit for all days
Power: Free for charging phones and the like.
For more information on content included in the ticket price, please read the INFO section or PROGRAMME.


Guests visiting the site and leaving the area before 17:00
Adults:                       €7 / DKKR 50,-
Children 0-15 years:    €3 / DKKR 25,-
All prices are per registered person.

Booking of hotel

Hotel booking is made via 

Check-in and payment of hotel rooms are handled at Vingsted Hotel & Conference Centre reception upon arrival/check out.
Minimum hotel booking will be 2 nights.
If you want to arrive at the Vingsted Hotel before Thursday 14th and/or if you want to extend your "holiday" until after Sunday the 17th of July,  this will be agreed directly with the hotel.
There will be no DSRA representatives present before or after these dates.

Hotel rates - per room, including breakfast buffet:
Single room:          550kr./night
2-bed room:          850kr./night
3-bed room:          950kr./night
4-bed room:         1050kr./night

Baby bed for children under 3 years of age, can be rented at a cost of DKKR 100/night

Based on the last years challenges, we have decided not to refund tickets and camping fees, until the meeting is over. We try to run this as a non-profit event, and therefore; we reserve the right to only refund your request partial, and only if you apply, with reason, no later than the 31st of June via email. After the meet, we will evaluate your reason for refund, revert as soon as possible, and once the accounts is in balance, we transfer the amount, that we are able to offer, considering the financial result of the meeting.
T-shirts are non-refundable.
As for dinner (Thursday and Friday), breakfast buffet and hotel reservations, we refer to Vingsted’s refund policy.

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